Telework allows employees to perform their tasks toward their employer outside the from home, under the supervision of employer. AGM provides a Telework Tracking System that links the employee with the employer and provides the ability to monitor the progress on work with following benefits:

  • Female human capital utilization.
  • No need for modifications in the workplace.
  • Enable people with disabilities to work.
  • Increase Saudi-ization level in the organization.
  • Save office and transport expenses.

Why AGM?

We use special system for project management, measuring the performance of employees with remote tracking and monitoring, for public or private sector who works directly under the supervision of the institution or the company. The system also facilitates communication between managers and employees, giving an accurate overview of the projects status. The system also measures and calculates the real working time of each employee in an easy, flexible and accurate manner.

  • Affordable with super-efficient 24/7 technical support.
  • Accredited by The Ministry of Labor and Social Development as a Telework Service Provide (TSP).
  • Automatic integration and interconnection with the systems of Ministry of Labor.
  • Tracking system to monitor time via our portal.
  • Assistant in registration of all female employees in the Ministry of Labor’s telework portal.
  • Reporting the relevant authority on hiring and evaluation of performance of female employees.
  • Immediate reflection of a full percentage point upon registering the remotely working female employee in the social insurance system, and the labor portal.

How to Register?

  • 1
    Fill in the contract form
  • 2
    Pay the subscription fee
  • 3
    Upload the contract on MoL's portal
  • 4
    Approval of request
  • 5
    Upload female employees' contracts
  • 6
    Track with AGM's portal

Click the appropriate button below for telework service registration.

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