Muqeem Service

Muqeem portal allows you to electronically link your facility to the General Directorate of Passports, and offers you many services as renewing residence permits through Muqeem website. You can also issue or cancel exit and re-entry visas, issue final exit visas, review the updated information of your sponsored individuals and check their status, along with many other services. You can access all these services from your office within minutes. This e-connectivity helps to increase performance, enhance efficiency, shorten the time and effort required to complete procedures and visas, and reduce administrative costs. Muqeem Service is considered a resident electronic service for companies, government departments, and enterprises with more than 90 sponsored residents. For lower resident numbers, you can also subscribe through Absher. Absher is also a similar service that deals with individual and house workers.

Muqeem E-Services

Interactive services to expedite e-processes

  • Residency permits renewal service through Muqeem website without the need to visit the Passport Directorate, except to receive the renewed card.
  • Issuing, printing and canceling exit and re-enter visas
  • Issuing, printing and canceling the final exit visa
  • Renewal of residency Permits (Iqama).

Electronic Inquiries

  • Muqeem data by residency permit (Iqama) No.
  • General information on a sponsored
  • Driver license information
  • Display traffic violation tickets on a sponsored residents
  • Inquire on a resident by name
  • Final exit visa by visa No.
  • Display traffic violation tickets on a sponsored residents

Services of Directorate of Passport

  • A list of all sponsored resident individual
  • Newly entered residents (no visa is issued yet for them)
  • Exit/re-entry visa carriers list
  • Final exit visa carriers list
  • List of inactive registers holders
  • The evaders list
  • Print the residents list with their dependents
  • General electronic statistics

Muqeem Packages

All Package

All in one solution
  • Unlimited Interactive Operations
  • Unlimited Inquiries on Residents
  • One-Time Registration Fee
  • Annual Subscription Fee

Operation Package

Cost-effective solution
  • Fee for Each Interactive Process
  • Fee for Each Serivice
  • Reduced Annual Subscription Fee

How to Register?

  • 1
    Fill the form
  • 2
    Chamber of Commerce Certification
  • 3
    Upload to the System
  • 4
    Pay the amount
  • 5
    Service activation
  • 6
    Get password

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