Masarat Service

It is an advanced cloud service provided by Al-Elm Information Security Company to manage the fleet of vehicles efficiently.It deals with live tracking and monitoring of vehicles and geolocation, follow-up of drivers and monitoring their driving behavior, in addition to the management of operation and maintenance of vehicles.

Why Masarat?

Vehicles are profit or loss centers for facilities that deal with vehicles as part of their daily activity. Each facility needs to monitor the behavior of motorists, whether employees or renters, in order to preserve the assets of the facility from the consequences of some abusive and irresponsible behaviors. The service provides a lot of information, indicators, reports and notices that are useful in the management of the vehicle fleet professionally and efficiently, and this contributes to reduce costs and waste and increase the effectiveness of the vehicle fleet, It will have positive implications for the established instrument.

  • Save effort and time that may be spent manually.
  • Raise customer satisfaction.
  • Linking and centrally managing branches no matter how many.
  • Monitor the daily performance of leasing and support decision-making based on actual and instant indicators.
  • Control the vehicle fleet at the facility.
  • Ability to positively influence drivers' behavior.
  • Reduce waste and costs.
  • Increase operational efficiency.


Manage Fleet Records

Create and track vehicle information record, vehicle drivers, and administrative staff.

Live Tracking

Track and monitor your vehicle fleet live on map.

Vehicle Rental Management

Manage the leasing cycle from delivery of the vehicle to the receipt with the link with Tamm and Shmos services.

Maintenance Management

Plan maintenance schedules for vehicles.

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Display the performance indicators panel with the ability to extract maintenance reports and operating reports.

Smart Device Application

Real-time access to work indicators.

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